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Friday, September 30, 2005

Web 2.0 Central Beta Launch

In the spirit of Web 2.0 Companies, I'm beta launching the new and improved resource for all things Web 2.0. It still needs some work but it's coming together (hence the beta). Converting all my posts from Blogger to Wordpress was fairly smooth but with the new style sheets, some of the posts need some hand tweaking.

The new site has been relocated to:


Proudly, the domain is quite del.icio.us inspired and will conveniently work when we get to Web 3.0 or 4.0 or 88.0.

Those of your subscribed to my Feedburner feed have to do nothing as you'll automatically be subscribed to the new location.

<NOTE: If you're reading this in an RSS reader, you're likely subscribed to the wrong address.>

Please subscribe to:

I welcome your comments on the new look as well as leads for Web 2.0 Companies I have yet to cover.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

*HOT* Morfik - Web 2.0 Online/Offline Applications IDE

Morfik is launching a new Web 2.0 application development environment that could be a tipping point in creating web based applications.

I'll be doing a more in depth review but a few highlights:
* Drag and drop interface creation
* Online and offline use
* Code obfuscation
* Applications in pure HTML and Javascript
* Visual relational database design
* Visual query builder
* More...

Two of their developers built a gmail clone in two months. THAT is amazing.

These guys are sure to be the star of the Web 2.0 Conference.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Jotlive - Realtime Document Collaboration from the makers of Jotspot

Jotspot has been a leading Web 2.0 company with their uber-cool wiki application software. I added them to the blog a while ago and have been meaning to give my loyal readers more scoop on them.

Well today they've announced a new product that looks very nice!

Introducing Jotlive which is an online tool for multiple users to collaborate on writing a single document.

They offer three programs.
#1 - Free for 5 pages/month of content
#2 - $5 for 15 pages
#3 - $20 for unlimited pages

Very Ajaxy and easy to use.

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New Web 2.0 Domain Coming Soon

With the fantastic response this blog has received thus far, I've registered a great domain and will be setting up a Wordpress installation with hopefully a much nicer design. I think I picked the ugliest Blogger template so getting a better design won't be too hard. If you'd like some exposure, I'll have some inexpensive advertising/sponsorship opportunities coming with the new design.

I've been playing with some logo ideas. What do you think is a good visual or image that best represents Web 2.0? If you say a globe, please, don't even bother adding a comment. :) Ideas? Heck, I may even round up a nice Web 2.0 prize!

While getting the new blog all setup, I've aquired QUITE a backlog of posts. I've been saving them all up and should have a bunch of new Web 2.0 companies to discuss. Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tag Facts - Tag notes on the fly

Tagfacts is a unique service allowing you to create a note and tag it. This could be ultra handy for storing all those rarely used but hard to re-find snippets of information.

Where is a php.ini file stored? Put it in Tag Facts, and you've got it. How do I set up an .htaccess file? 'Tag Fact' it.

RSS Feeds lets you track your or your friends notes.

Throw an API on this and we've got yet another nice piece of the Web 2.0 puzzle.

via: http://libraryclips.blogsome.com/

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Tagalag - Tagging people by email address

Tagalag is a tagging service for people.

This is absolutely brilliant. I've often wanted to keep track of people on the internet and what software projects they are working on.

This is very well conceived. I can easily add tags about myself or others.

They are totally hooked into Web 2.0 by starting off with a few mashups of their own:

A Greasemonkey script to integrate senders tags right into your gmail and ymail interfaces.

A Blog box to add the ability for visitors to tag you directly from your blog or website.

A cool email interface whereby you cc: tagalag and embed tags in an outgoing email and that users email is automatically tagged.

And with a REST based API already to go, I'm sure there are more mashups to come.

I was concerned about having my email address so publicly associated with keywords, seems like a spammers delight. But they've covered this in their FAQ:

"Will spammers use Tagalag to collect information on me?

They will try. Your full email addresses is not visible to those who have not tagged you (which requires your email) or been tagged by you."
This could really have some legs. Very Web 2.0.

VIA: del.icio.us

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Blinklist - Social Bookmarking Service

Blinklist is another del.icio.us clone with a great interface. I'd seen them some time ago, before I started this blog.

It looks like they are doing a lot of revisions and new development.

Blinklist allows for private bookmarks, and multi-word tags, two big things missing from del.icio.us. Further, it allows you to import your del.icio.us bookmarks.

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Planzo - Online Calendar

Planzo is an online calendar, notebook and todo manager.

The calendar is super nice with drag and drop events as well as highlight an area of the calendar to create an event.

Beta offers demo account to play with as well as open registrations.

Looks like the calendar is nicely ajaxified, but the balance of the app isn't quite as smooth.

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Search Fox RSS - Online RSS Reader

I previously wrote about Search Fox, they have another service currently in private beta - Search Fox RSS offers a place to read your RSS feeds.

Like Findory, Search Fox RSS offers a personalized view to your news. The RSS reading experience is pleasant, allowing easy preview of articles.

I'm looking forward to the new features of suggested feeds and related results as I spend a lot of time finding cool feeds to add to my reading list.

The first article I read on it today was the inspiration for my post on 83degrees and I haven't even loaded up my 1200 feed opml file.

Personalization is a KEY element of what Web 2.0 is all about.

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83 degrees - Sold their company twice

I'll place my bets with 83 degrees this is a team of proven entrepreneurs.

As noted on Software Only the founders, formerly of webshots, sold it in 1999 for $82.5 million, bought it back for $2.4 in 2002 and then sold it again last year for $70 million. Wow!

It's not entirely clear what they are building in the Web 2.0 space, but I'll keep you posted as soon as I get the scoop.

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Findory - Personalized Blogs, News and Search

Findory is the best news personalization engine on the net today.

Findory learns what articles you like by tracking what you've read on their site. It works very well and consistently provides great content.

Findory separates it's results into blogs, news and search with great personalized RSS feed available across the board.

Visitors can still get the benefit of the personalization without creating an account, creating an account lets you keep your personalization across multiple computers.

Recommendation engine? I highly recommend it.

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Search Fox - online bookmarks manager

Search Fox - is an online bookmark manager doing a delicious knockoff.

It offers a nice real time search functionality and the core things you'd expect from a social bookmarking service.

Search Fox has groups with privacy allowing multiple people to collect links while keeping them private.

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Meebo - Web Based Instant Messenger Aggregator

Meebo is a web based instant messenger service that lets you access your AOL, iChat, Yahoo, ICQ and MSN accounts all via a web browser.
Still early in development but a very nice experience.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Roundcube - Clean Webmail Application

Round Cube is a slick open source webmail application.

Round Cube has a built in address book, autocomplete of email addresses, skinable via XHTML and CSS@, and some snazzy ajax drag and drop.

Still in alpha but the demo looks good to me. A downloadable of the PHP, MySQL solution is available.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wikalong - Web Annotation Firefox Plugin

Barb Dybwad at The Social Software Blog gave me some linkage and asked:

What I really want is a way to annotate web space, just like the way I can annotate my photos on Flickr. Flickr’s notes are based on Greg Elin’s Fotonotes, which is concerned with making itself an annotation standard.

Barb, I've got you covered.

Wikalong is a cool web annotation application that allows you to leave notes that anyone can use (in wiki format no less). Basically anything with a URL can have it's own annotations.

With a little tweaking you can create your own private wiki to keep all your notes to yourself.

Implemented as a Firefox plugin, Wikalong makes annotating anything on the web super easy.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

23 - Photo Sharing

23 is a photo sharng serivce that is modelled after Flickr. 23 enables you to upload photos via your browser, by email, by zip file or by URL.

23 also offers photo processing but in an interesting twist, the prints goto a processor in your neighborhood taking the whole mail order element out of the loop.

Free basic account, Pro account available allows more upload bandwidth.

I like the clean user interface and the subtle use of AJAX.

Clickcaster - Web Based Podcast Creator

Click Caster is an online tool for recording, publishing and promoting podcasts,

Click caster will offer a variety of services from free to pro. The service is currently in private beta.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Side Job Track - Free Project & Task Management and Invoicing

Side Job Track is a free web based service to track your clients, projects, tasks and invoices.

Setting up an account takes you through a detailed 9 step tutorial (which you can convieniently skip.) This built in documentation make the first use of the application very clear.

From their blog (which lacks and RSS feed), it looks like they have a new version in progress. The screenshots look like they've added further polish to the site, hopefully with a bit more ajax to reduce the number of page reloads.

Socialmarks - Social Bookmarking Service

Socialmarks is social bookmarking service that allows tagging of webpages, blogs and blog posts.

Stage: In Development
My Status: Waiting List

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Mooflex - Content Management Platform

Mooflex is a new Web 2.0 content management system. Check out the flash demo.

It uses a bunch of flashy transitions but will degrade appropriately for browsers not using javascript.

Nice use of tagging built in however they may need to rework the input of available tags as any more than a dozen tags may be problematic.

Basic RSS support is built in, I'd like to see RSS feeds by category and by tag.

You can also go play with the site here.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Foopad - Free Hosted Wiki

Foopad is a wiki service with a very clean and simple look to it.

I really like the simplicity of it. Very clean interface for both editing and viewing and tracking revisions.

The current edition appears to only allow one editor per wiki.

Hook in multiple editors, an API and an RSS feed and this will be one hot little app!

Fyuze - Web 2.0 Info Aggregator

Fyuze is a new service that allows you to aggregate information from a variety of Web 2.0 services.

Create a custom start page with data from Flickr, Technorati, del.icio.us, Upcoming, Yahoo news or any custom rss feed.

Fyuze could use a splash of AJAX to limit the page refreshes and make the moving of content around a little more natural. Furthermore, I'm not sure how this is differentiated from the many other start pages out there.

Stage: Public Beta

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Time Tracker - Task Timer

Time Tracker is an online tool to track the time you spend on projects.

Currently in beta, the application has a simple and intuitive interface. You can easily create new tasks and then turn on the timer. Turning the timer on and off repeatedly logs all of your work sessions on a task.

Each task can also be assigned a project. Tie this in with Blinksale and this is what the whole Web 2.0 world is all about.

Looks like it's still early, no reporting, no api. Promising nonetheless.

This is a perfect example of a micro-niche web service that done properly could be a building block for future web applications.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Fooky - Search Engine

The crew at Tech Crunch have more scoop. They link to Fooky a new search engine with a focus on simplicity of design.

Going back to the good old days, the search engine will factor in meta tags in ranking sites (as opposed to Google which all but ignores them.)

Looks like the they are also promoting it as having AI (Artificial Intelligence) whatever that means to a search engine. This is something Ask Jeeves was supposed to do and didn't really change the search world.

Interesting they will be offering a $15 search indexing fee, allowing users to get their site indexed virtually on demand. Intersting for a site with regularly changing content or just wanting to get seeded in the engine quickly. Not sure how this fits in the world of Technorati, Ice Rocket, or Feedster where hitting them with a simple ping causes an instant reindex. For Free.

Opens in October. I'll post again when I get a chance to play with it.

Shutterbook - Online Photo Management

Shutterbook is a new player in the world of photo sharing.

The flash based interface is quite well done and the application is reminiscant of Apple's iPhoto.

Both a Mac and Windows desktop client are available to make uploading easier. You can still upload photos 10 at a time however if you don't want to mess with a download.

The thumbnails are a little small for my liking, a zooming thumbnail adjustment ala iPhoto would work pretty nicely here.

Stage: Public Beta
My Status: Playing with

Monday, September 05, 2005

Feedication - Identity Aggregation Service

Feedication allows you to bring together a few of your Web 2.0 identities into a single interface. Have all of your Del.icio.us, Flickr, 43 things information on a single page.

Centralizing your identities is a nice step towards integrating the wide array of Web 2.0 services.

Zimbra - Makes Gmail look like childs play


I just finished viewing the demo of Zimbra and I'm impressed. Zimbra is a web based email application that enables tagging, message threads, calendar integration from messages (WAY COOL), saved searches and more. Another impressive piece in the demo showcased using built in API's, to link to purchase order numbers within emails for tight integration with internal systems.

The flash demo is well done and informative.

It is also an Open Source project so the source is available.

Stage: Beta
* How much does this cost?
* Will it be a public service or for corporations only?

Webnote - Stickies for the web


Webnote is stickies for the web. Not having to create an account is nice for simplicity.

NumSum - Web 2.0 Spreadsheet

Building on the concept of a Web 2.0 office suite, Num Sum is an online spreadsheet with tagging and sharing of spreadsheets. Nicely done though still a work in progress.

Combine Num Sum with Writely now all we need is a Web 2.0 Powerpoint application.

What it needs:
* Calculation fields are case sensitive (must be B3 vs b3)
* Adding a new column didn't adjust the appropriate calculations thereby breaking them.

Read/Write Web has more discussion on Web 2.0 Office.

Openomy - Web 2.0 File System


Openomy has open APIs (well, okay, as of writing, will have open APIs) that anyone can use to write applications which store/retrieve/use a user's files. This means you could, for example, write and use a script to mount your Openomy files onto your Linux (or other OS) machine.

More information here.

Sounds quite interesting and a key ingredient in the future of Web 2.0.

Stage: In Development
My Status: On Waiting List

Colib - Book, Music, DVD sharing

Colib is a personal media cataloging solution allowing you to catalog, tag and share your DVD's Music, Books and more.

They suggest it will be a blend of Flickr and Delicious Library. That's pretty big targets they are shooting at. I'll keep you posted when I get access.

Their mini screenshot looks promising.

Similar Things - Backpack like Wiki

Similar Things

Is an interesting tagging solution that is part wiki, part blog, and a bit of Backpack.

It still needs some work as linking between sites (which I perceive to be the cool thing) doesn't seem to work.

Could also use a few more users to get an idea of what can really be done with it.

Cloudalicio.us - Visualizing Del.icio.us tags

Cloudalicio.us is a cool visualization of tags assigned to links posted to Del.icio.us over time.

Not strictly a Web 2.0 software company... more of a utility. Cool nonetheless.

Web 2.0 API Reference

Programmable Web offers a great resource that lists a bunch of Web 2.0 applications that have accessible API's.

Looks quite comprehensive and a resource that I'll be keeping an eye on.

Broadsnatch - Media Bookmarking Service

Broadsnatch is a media bookmarking service for audio and video files.

Allows for rating of bookmarks as well as RSS feeds and iTunes Podcast integration.

More Discussion on Web 2.0 Checklist

In response to my post Web 2.0 Checklist, Arnaud Leene of Microcontent Musings asks:

The first one is the requirement that a service should be cross platform. I guess I agree, but what does this imply?

Cross platform can certainly mean a few things:

* Across various broswers (Firefox, Safari, IE)
* Across various operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux) though as it's web based, perhaps this is handled by the browser.
* Across various devices (desktop, mobile).

Perhaps this is in fact 2 or 3 different points to add to the checklist.

Arnaud then goes onto:

I have a harder time with the No downloadable application requirement. This would exclude service that base themselves on Web API's. And one of requirements was a better integration with the desktop, which in turn implies downloadable clients. But as Reg says the crux lies on the word required. I guess this implies that any service must offer multiple interfaces: the web, on mobiles, in clients, etc. Sounds OK

A couple of reasons for this one:
* I should be able to use a Web 2.0 application from any computer without any lingering consequence. I should be able to log in at the public library on a computer with limited privileges, I should be able to use the application on friends computer without knowing their password or having to uninstall anything.
* This one also enables the cross platform issue above. For example, a new service that MAY qualify as a Web 2.0 service is Slide, a up and coming competitor to Flickr. I can't use the application at this point as they don't yet have a Mac OS X version available (yet). At worst I should be able to FTP or HTTP upload some photos. If the exernal app makes things easier, quicker or better - GREAT but give me other options.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Feed Tank - RSS Aggregator

Feed Tank

"Feed-Tank.com is a hosted web 2.0 application to enable you make subscription of feeds(RSS/ATOM/RDF) online, and let read your feeds' latest articles in one center place."

Stage: Public

Sixtyspots - Travel Web 2.0 Application


"It's all about people helping people travel"

Stage: Private Beta
My Status: Waiting List

Saturday, September 03, 2005

iKarma - Trust/Reputation Service

iKarma is a reputation system similar to what you'd find on eBay or Amazon.

Users are able to rate and comment on a user providing a star rating.

The viewer for visualizing the users network is well done.

I'm not entirely sure where this fits in the social networking space... isn't Linked In doing an okay job of this?

Socialmarks - Social Bookmarking


"Socialmarks also gives users the ability to tag specific feeds, a feed's post, as well as allowing the user to add the post to their list of social bookmarks (which can also be tagged)."

Stage: Private Beta
My Status: Waiting List

Source: Dossy's Blog

YouTube - Flickr for Videos

You Tube

"Upload, tag and share your videos worldwide."

Stage: Open to the public
My Status: Reviewing

Friday, September 02, 2005

Web 2.0 Checklist

Microcontent Musings has a great checklist for what designates a Web 2.0 company.

* Structured Microcontent
* Data Outside
* Licences
* Feeds Galore
* Web API's
* Desktop Integration
* Single Identity
* Micro Web
* Wild Microcontent

I'd suggest adding
* Cross Platform - Ability to be accessed from any operating system and in all major web browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari)
* No downloadable application required - Additional functionality may be available with a desktop app but should not be required to ulilize the service.

Thursday, September 01, 2005



A web based word processor.

Stage: Public Beta
My Status: Reviewing

Could this be a key point in the Word, Excel, PowerPoint triangle moving to a web based approach.

Wow! It even allows multiple people to work on the same document at the same time. Looks promising.