Sunday, September 18, 2005

Tagalag - Tagging people by email address

Tagalag is a tagging service for people.

This is absolutely brilliant. I've often wanted to keep track of people on the internet and what software projects they are working on.

This is very well conceived. I can easily add tags about myself or others.

They are totally hooked into Web 2.0 by starting off with a few mashups of their own:

A Greasemonkey script to integrate senders tags right into your gmail and ymail interfaces.

A Blog box to add the ability for visitors to tag you directly from your blog or website.

A cool email interface whereby you cc: tagalag and embed tags in an outgoing email and that users email is automatically tagged.

And with a REST based API already to go, I'm sure there are more mashups to come.

I was concerned about having my email address so publicly associated with keywords, seems like a spammers delight. But they've covered this in their FAQ:

"Will spammers use Tagalag to collect information on me?

They will try. Your full email addresses is not visible to those who have not tagged you (which requires your email) or been tagged by you."
This could really have some legs. Very Web 2.0.


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