Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New Web 2.0 Domain Coming Soon

With the fantastic response this blog has received thus far, I've registered a great domain and will be setting up a Wordpress installation with hopefully a much nicer design. I think I picked the ugliest Blogger template so getting a better design won't be too hard. If you'd like some exposure, I'll have some inexpensive advertising/sponsorship opportunities coming with the new design.

I've been playing with some logo ideas. What do you think is a good visual or image that best represents Web 2.0? If you say a globe, please, don't even bother adding a comment. :) Ideas? Heck, I may even round up a nice Web 2.0 prize!

While getting the new blog all setup, I've aquired QUITE a backlog of posts. I've been saving them all up and should have a bunch of new Web 2.0 companies to discuss. Stay tuned!

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