Monday, September 05, 2005

More Discussion on Web 2.0 Checklist

In response to my post Web 2.0 Checklist, Arnaud Leene of Microcontent Musings asks:

The first one is the requirement that a service should be cross platform. I guess I agree, but what does this imply?

Cross platform can certainly mean a few things:

* Across various broswers (Firefox, Safari, IE)
* Across various operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux) though as it's web based, perhaps this is handled by the browser.
* Across various devices (desktop, mobile).

Perhaps this is in fact 2 or 3 different points to add to the checklist.

Arnaud then goes onto:

I have a harder time with the No downloadable application requirement. This would exclude service that base themselves on Web API's. And one of requirements was a better integration with the desktop, which in turn implies downloadable clients. But as Reg says the crux lies on the word required. I guess this implies that any service must offer multiple interfaces: the web, on mobiles, in clients, etc. Sounds OK

A couple of reasons for this one:
* I should be able to use a Web 2.0 application from any computer without any lingering consequence. I should be able to log in at the public library on a computer with limited privileges, I should be able to use the application on friends computer without knowing their password or having to uninstall anything.
* This one also enables the cross platform issue above. For example, a new service that MAY qualify as a Web 2.0 service is Slide, a up and coming competitor to Flickr. I can't use the application at this point as they don't yet have a Mac OS X version available (yet). At worst I should be able to FTP or HTTP upload some photos. If the exernal app makes things easier, quicker or better - GREAT but give me other options.


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