Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Fooky - Search Engine

The crew at Tech Crunch have more scoop. They link to Fooky a new search engine with a focus on simplicity of design.

Going back to the good old days, the search engine will factor in meta tags in ranking sites (as opposed to Google which all but ignores them.)

Looks like the they are also promoting it as having AI (Artificial Intelligence) whatever that means to a search engine. This is something Ask Jeeves was supposed to do and didn't really change the search world.

Interesting they will be offering a $15 search indexing fee, allowing users to get their site indexed virtually on demand. Intersting for a site with regularly changing content or just wanting to get seeded in the engine quickly. Not sure how this fits in the world of Technorati, Ice Rocket, or Feedster where hitting them with a simple ping causes an instant reindex. For Free.

Opens in October. I'll post again when I get a chance to play with it.


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